Update: 9/21/2017 edited

The rains have stopped as of today (thursday).  The river rose a little but remains in about perfect shape.  I fished for a couple hours behind my home yesterday and hope to go out again this evening.  Took pics yesterday and today, looks like steelhead green to me.  First pic is today’s water taken at the usual spot and second is after I walked into the water yesterday.  Should be good water for the weekend and the small increase in discharge could get the fall chinook moving.water92117Yesterday’s waterwater92017EDIT:  Didn’t expect rain but we’re getting more in the lower valley right now and I’ll assume more/heavier rain is falling in the upper watershed.  10% chance of rain tomorrow and through the weekend, that’s not much chance but who knows.  If we get a gully washer in the upper watershed we could see turbidity increase tomorrow.

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