Long awaited update: 10/11/2017

Apologies for my lack of recent posts.  Nothing much has changed though the water has dropped a bit.  Water is as clear as the Klickitat gets and discharge remains higher than average for this date.  Discharge currently sits above 870 CFS, average is just over 730 CFS so we have good water and plenty of it.

I haven’t heard of any better than average fishing results the entire season.  We expected salmon and steelhead returns to be lower this year so nothing is very surprising.  Fall chinook passage over Bonneville appears to be better than expected but the fish that would normally be spawning behind my home aren’t there.  Coho should be showing too.

I snuck down to the river this evening to check for myself.  Perfect water but only a few taps to my fly, nothing I’d assume was anything larger than 6 or 8 inches.  My fly was tied on a 1/0 fly hook so I got lucky the little ones failed at impaling themselves on it.  Here is a pic of beautiful fall steelhead water.


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