Update: 10/18/12, burn-ban is lifted!!

Burn ban has been lifted so floaters wanting to use the summit creek/steel bridge put-in are cleared to go.  We provide shuttles if you need one.

The Klickitat has been dropping fast. It’s getting close to fishable.  Just went down to the water and took a couple pics.  I’ll be fishing this evening, maybe a foot of vis or so, think that equates to 3 or 4′ for the fish.  Maybe I’ll fish a muddler for some surface disruption.

Barring more rain she should be improving, should be doable tomorrow and maybe nice for the weekend.  Lot’s of fish haven’t seen a fly since late Monday.

Edit: fished the evening water and it was way better than expected…knee deep vis easy and improving as I stepped down. tomorrow should be excellent.

Pics show vis at about 4pm today (10/18) at mile 12.5.

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