Update: 11/26/12

We have five days left of the fishing season on the Klickitat.  Water is high (just dropped below 2000 cfs) but clearing so we should get another chance at it.  It’ll be tough wading for the bank angler but I’m certain there are some fresh steelhead in the system and there have been very few fishermen around.

An interesting story, rec’d this email from Jim yesterday (check out the pic).

This will probably be my last deer that I shoot. I really debated wether to go hunt this morning or not. I decided that I would go up to my blind and sit for a few minutes and then come back home. Well at 8:00 a.m. this deer showed up , he never slowed down , just kept walking rite past all the doe’s so I had to make a very quick shot. As it turned out , the shot was good and he only went about 40 yards and died. I knew he was a good deer but actually seeing him up close is when I realized just  how good he is.
I’m going to have him mounted so he’ll be at the taxidermist tomorrow.
Like I said this will probably be my last deer and what a deer to end my hunting with.

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