It’s raining in the town of Klickitat (7:00 PM), lots of lighting and thunder too.  Started around 6 PM and came down pretty hard from time to time.  Went to weather.com and found “Flash Flood Warning”.  The Doppler radar suggests another bank of water laden clouds will be here shortly.  It’ll be a nasty weekend for the fly angler but if you like to catch chinook it WILL BE ON!

http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/river/station/flowplot/flowplot.cgi?lid=PITW1.  This suggests half a foot rise in flows.  The PITT gauge suggests something might be coming (an early double uptick in the daily cycle).  NOAA thinks flows will be falling hard mid-day Sat. to Monday.

I fished last evening and had chinook flopping all around, no love but there are definitely alot of chinook in the river.  Since flows are about to rise and muddy-up I’d suggest targeting chinook with bait.  This push of water will bring in a bunch more chinook.

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