The Klickitat is crazy full of fall chinook.  The weekend was very busy with fish and fisherman.  Most fisherman caught chinook and some caught alot of them.  The water is not in great shape, ranging from about 1′ vis to maybe 1.5′ today.  This years fall chinook run will go down in history, doubt there’s ever been more chinook in this river at one time than there is right now.  Many “guided” boats landed over a dozen, some many more.  The largest I heard of was 35 lbs. but I didn’t hear about most of them.

I got a tip that the Big Muddy was running heavy and brown this afternoon so we might see worse water tomorrow.   I saw cloud cover on Adams today but they didn’t look like heavy rain clouds

Also heard of a steelhead caught today (caught on eggs), was told it was wild and around 12 lbs.   Steelhead fishing has been poor and now with all the chinook action few people are targeting them.  I’m not optomistic for the remainder of the steelhead run, likely a fish here & there if you cover water and work hard.

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