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Trevor says thanks and so do I.

Apparently we have weather coming, wet weather.  Cascades should squeeze most of the water out of those clouds before they hit the sunny side.  A couple indicators suggest a 350+ increase in flow, I doubt it.  If the rain hits us softly it’ll soak in and do alot of good, if it gully washes it’ll settle out quickly.  There won’t be anything but snow on Mt. Adams.  Maybe I’m hoping the clouds will part, please hope with me!

A bunch of things came together for me yesterday afternoon.  Got my 8133-3 Burkheimer back about a week ago (fell on it and broke a few weeks ago).  Been convinced there were few steelhead in the river.  So convinced I haven’t been fishing much.  Thursday AM the guy who first helped me with speycasting stopped by and offered dinner at mile 8.  I showed up a bit early and no one was home.  The Burkie was pre-rigged and ready to go.  Went after chinook because they seem to be everywhere.  Fast flowing water at the head of the run and salmon flopping all around.  Type 6 sinktip and a fly called the Red Dogwood Spey, think it was developed by Alyssa Halls of Forks, WA.  (www.anadromy.com) Fished through the throat of the run without a grab.  Left the sinktip on cause I’m lazy and wasn’t hitting the bottom much.   Midway through the run a hot hen (steelhead) took the fly.  Big air and lots of it, got the fly out of her mouth and  I took a breather, I was sweating.  So, that was nice!!!!!!!!!!  Well, caught my breath and waded back out.  Ten, 15, maybe 20 minutes later I found another, on the far bank.  Felt and saw the take instantly but had a bit of slack line on the water, then no feel…backed up to tighten the line and she was still there.  Another strong hen and another air breather.  Hatchery fish this time and equal to her wild counterpart in energy expenditure.  Both fish on the red dogwood spey.  It’s shredded now.  So, it’s been a crappy steelhead season, up until yesterday!!

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