River’s been dropping but vis is still pretty crappy.  She’s under 1500 cfs at this point but that’s still tough wading.  Since I felt lucky I went on down behind the house this evening.  Vis maybe 6 to 10 inches but it did seem to improve as I stepped down.  Thought maybe I saw the bottom a couple times in knee deep water.  Water’s probably good to go if you’re fishing bait or gear tomorrow.  If you’re fly fishing you might want to hold off a day or two….but, the red dogwood spey worked again for me tonight. Same shredded fly as used on 9/27 post.

Found a fish near the hangdown. Hooked it but only held for about 10 seconds.  Waded back up a few feet and started in again.  The fish took again, think it was the same fish?  Also, same shredded fly I was using last Thursday!  Red dogwood spey, who’d a thunk?  This time I got it near the bank, half the sinktip inside the rod, guess it was a CDR  (Close Distance Release).  Don’t know if it was a steelhead or salmon, most likely a salmon based on the enounter. I’m still feeling lucky!!

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