Sheila’s “She’s Cakes & Truffles”: …and fishing…

See the “NEW” tab above. Sheila has kicked off her new business, “She’s Cakes”.  Find all you need to know at

We carry these morsel’s of delight at the store and hope you’ll ask about them next time you stop in.  Cheesecakes sold by the slice, hoping to get our first delivery of truffles shortly.  I’ve had samples and can confidently say She’s Cakes are the best I’ve experienced.  Pure rich sensory delight.

Fishing…  fished 3 runs yesterday with a guest named Dan.  No steelhead for us but Dan did hook a chinook.  The fish jumped at least 3 times. It was Dan’s first fish hooked swinging with his speyrod, Dan enjoyed the encounter even though it ended as an LDR (Long Distance Release). Talked  to a couple other guys swinging flies and one of them had 3 hookups, at least one was a steelhead, others unknown (maybe coho), all ended as LDR’s. 

It’s been softly raining most of the day so I didn’t fish.  Looks like flows are screaming up so the next couple days look questionable.  Clarity has remained good but i didn’t see the water this evening and NWS predictions suggest a 500cfs increase overnight.  Brown water expected for the next day or 3.

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