Update: 11/21/13

Fished a run yesterday evening and two more this afternoon.  Water is in perfect shape.  Had problems right off the bat.  Started fishing around 1:30pm, sun had already set on this piece of water and it looked great.  It was cold though, water was freezing in my guides and building up.  Checked water temps and got 36F.  No wonder, the air was colder than the water and the water was cold!!

Fishing pressure? What fishing pressure, there is almost none. I trust there are a few fresh fish coming in, maybe a few early winter fish?  I’m sticking with the lower river until season close.  The run in the pic below seemed perfect, speed was slowww and depth between 3.5′ & 5′ with good structure, as in cobble, rocks & boulders.  No grabs and no sign of life in this run.  Also saw a bunch of plastic ribbons (blue) hanging from tree tree/shrub branchesidentifying salmon redds. The blue plastic ribbons mark fall chinook redds/nests marked by the Yakama Nation Fisheries program. So, if you see them please avoid wading over the “clean rock piles” and please don’t mess with the ribbons.  Only two weekends left of the season.

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