Update: 6/24/14

Tuesdays are my Fridays.  Finished my duties around 4pm and hit the sofa for a bit.  After a short siesta and a little TV news I grabbed my gear and went upriver from town.  There’s a run that’s been good to me in the past so thought I’d give it a shot.  Upon arrival I realized flows were a bit heavy for this run… fished it anyway because there was an evident seam.  No grabs, not even a smolt tap.  The water showed a little less vis today than what I’ve been used to.  Maybe the recent warmer weather had something to do with it?

Shortly after getting out about knee deep and casting for a while I noticed a lot of fry jumping out of the water chasing bugs.  Think they were Chinook fry, largest I saw was under 3″ and most were half that…but they were feeding big time, taking bugs right out of the air!!  These little rascals were having a feast.  I’m no entomologist but think I was watching at least 2, likely 3, different hatches going on at once.  The bugs were distinctly different sizes…and fry can jump!! It was very enjoyable to watch.


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