Update: 6/27/14

Had a few questions regarding river conditions and what to expect over the weekend.  Apparently the west side got a good bit of precip today, we didn’t get much in the town of Klickitat.

I visited Leidl campground around 10:30 AM today and the water looked real good, ~30″+ vis.  Mt. Adams was invisible, cloud cover and likely water filled cloud cover.  The gage above the West Fork (which is above the Big Muddy)  began falling about mid-day today.  Temps on Mt Adams look like any precip that occurred would likely have been snow or freezing rain.

Going out on a limb I’ll guess the river will stay in fishable shape, the increase in flows at the Pitt Gage look to be spreading out and will likely begin dropping shortly.

I’ll take a look at the water in town on my way to the shop so should have a firm idea in the AM.  I’ll be at the shop by 6 AM, you can call the shop at (509) 369-3601 if you need more concrete info.

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