Update: 7/26/14

Water’s getting better, seems like the gage at PITT might be beginning to show the usual summer cycling of the river discharge.  As of today the water clarity is good for all anglers, bait, gear and fly.  A good friend stopped by the shop this afternoon to tell me about an encounter he had with a stong wild buck.  He landed it with the “sun high” and was a bit surprised…he’s used to the Deschutes understanding that it isn’t worth bothering when the sun is high…not necessarily so on the Klickitat.

Temps are going to climb into the 90’s for the next couple days, hope the river stays in shape.  Adams doesn’t have much snow left on the Southeast flank so anything we get will include glacial till so I don’t think the river will improve much for the next 10 days or so (based on current weather forecasts).

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